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Journey Back to Me

I can’t tell you all how many times I’ve tried to take a few minutes to write a decent blog and failed.

Since March 15, 2018, I’ve been on a journey of sorts back to me. I’ve lost 37lbs to date I last weighed myself 211lbs on June 15, 2018.

Here’s how ‘Smoothies’ and H2O lots of it. Plain old water can be pretty boring so I add lemon and mint.


Tropical Kale

1 cup nut milk I use cashew or almond

1 cup Kale ‘Buy frozen’ it keeps longer

1 apple

1 banana

1 cup pineapple

1/3 cup frozen mangos or peaches

½ scoop vegan pure vanilla protein powder

1 cup water


Papaya Power

1 cup Papaya

1 carrot

½ frozen mangos

½ banana

½ tsp of ginger powder

½ tsp turmeric

1tbsp pumpkin seeds

1 cup nut milk

1 cup OJ (Simply 50)

Berry Berry

1/2 cup Pomigrante juice

1 cup Blueberry

½ Stawberry

½ banana

1 cup nut millk

1 packet matcha powder

1 tsp of chia seeds


VeganPure Protien powder can be added to all these smoothies  I use half a scoop, but how much you add will depend on your specific dietary requirements.

It’s a long road ahead but this journey back to me; it is the best I’ve ever been on. Don’t know when I’ll write you again but hopefully you are well.


My Baby’s Turning 1 Year Old

On October 12, 2017, my little girl is one-year-old. Today we took her to Walmart Photo Studios to get her pictures before her actual big day so I would be able to give them out at her party.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of emotion that came over me when it was all said and done, Oh my gosh it took a lot for me not to break down in the middle of Walmart. it finally hit  me she’s going to be one,

This has been such a long year. my husband and I have been doing this pretty much on our own with a little help from neighbours and a few friends along the way, however I sometimes feel that ‘people’ offer to help because they feel it’s the right thing to say in the moment, but when you do actually need help 3/4 of the time you’re told I can’t because I blank, maybe next time. So most of the time I don’t bother even asking anyone we just take her along even though we know she’s going to be board out of her mind. We bus everywhere so it’s like triple the time it would take in a car, so of course,, my daughter is miserable

Anyways we’re almost there, apparently, it’s going to get harder she is a beautiful, intelligent little girl and we are blessed to have her.


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Playgroup, PS4 and More

Today we took our daughter to her first play group she enjoyed it. However, we need to work on the issue of her hitting other kids. We think she’s just trying to be playful, but never the less that’s not how we say hello in society, so it’s something we as her parents need to correct now before it’s not so cute anymore.

The other issue we have with this play group is it took place during her usual nap time, and of course, she fell asleep shortly after we got home, which meant she was up way past her bed time.

In the end that affects my partners playing time for our new joint venture of entering Call of Duty tournaments to make money.

Right now my partner is still fine tuning his game play; at this point in time, his kill to deaths ratio is more deaths than kills. We are willing to try anything to keep our daughter out of Daycare, however, we have agreed to revisit the possibility of Daycare in the new year if we no longer feel confident in the CoD tournament idea.

My partner is a little older than the usual demographic that plays these types of game tournaments, but as of right now I’m holding out hope that eventually, he’ll get so good that his age and extra responsibilities won’t matter to his potential team mates.

Health Journal

Booster Juice Smoothies, Come in a Jug?

As some of you may or may not know I have been struggling for years to find balance in my quest to stay healthy. For the past couple of months, I have.been having skin issues. Let me give you an example, we were at EB games the other day buying my partner’s PlayStation Network subscription; yes, now he can play online against real people, he got his ass handed to him on a silver platter, with a side order of Freedom Fries. 😛 While we were at EB Games my partner noticed a Death Star waffle maker (Star Wars) he picked it up to show me, accidentally dropped it on my foot plates and I  guess the corner of the box caught my leg; it left a good sized mark. So I googled smoothies for the skin. and found Glowing Skin Smoothie

I had every intention of making this before leaving the house but got side tracked. So I stopped at Booster Juice and got something similar called Tropical Kale. and to my surprise, she poured contents from a jug into a blender added kale and blended. from now on I will do my best to avoid Booster Juice at all cost if I wanted something pre processed from a jug I would drink Minute Maid. The price you pay for one smoothie at Booster Juice you can make three or four at home.




























Bruno Mars Disappointed Again

Bruno, Why must all your new hit songs be about sex? Sex Sells right! SERIOUSLY DUDE! OMG! ‘.Just The way You Are’. wasn’t about sex neither was my all time favourite song by you, When I  Was Your Man. and the radio played them., I must admit I haven’t heard all of the album  24K Magic but to be honest the singles you’ve released haven’t compelled me to want to hear more. Sorry, Bruno you just don’t do it for me anymore

This song is a just slower version of Gorillas some people may say different lyrics, different melody, a different song entirely, Bullshit.  The only difference I hear when I play the songs one after the other is Gorillas came from a place of love when he wrote it. This song just sounds like a creepy little man who’s only interested in sex.

The video I believe portrays him as wanting to have a one night stand with the girl in the next room/ All because of a dress she’s wearing, WHAT. I get that’s the point of the song but if that girl were me wine and dine, a few dates then wham bam thank you, mam.

You have money and you’re not afraid to use it to get what you want which is apparently one night stands not meaningful fulfilling relationships; famous people have no morals. Famous people are who our children look up to.


PS4 – Husband’s New Career Choice

Folks as most of you know we have an 11-month-old who we don’t feel comfortable putting in Daycare so my husband and I have agreed to give online gaming tournaments a try. I know what your thinking we  are chasing a pipe dream, but stay tuned here and My Husband’s Blog to see how we do. We just started so give us time to learn:

No Man’s Sky


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Current Event, Rants

La Machine

Summer 2017, Canada 150, La Machine was mind blowing. My partner and I were discussing the possibility of Ottawa bring it back every five years but instead of it being free to spectators charge a manageable fee something like $25.00 to $50.00 per person. it could be held at Lebreton Flatts, therefore making it easier to maintain crowds have 7 shows not 4 charging entrance to all 7 shows selling packages online for the whole event for $250,00 people who fail to purchase the package will be forced to pay up to $100 more at $50.00 per person.

Revenue prediction for shows alone 350,000 people.

if 50% of people bought packages 43750000

you could talk to restaurants, hotels. maybe some of them would be willing to offer discounts to package holders this allowing you to charge more than the suggested price, and maybe boosting package sales


WWE Rap-Up


As a new mom, I find myself not wanting to sit through the same old shit week after week. I record Raw and SmackDown Live on my PVR and it might surprise you all to know I haven’t even caught up to the Royal Rumble yet 😦 don’t misunderstand me I will always be a ‘Wrestling’ fan. I just feel I need to step away from watching it for a little while in order to find the appreciation and love I once had for it.



One rain drop
Makes two trees grow
Those two trees,give three birds a home.
The three birds lay four eggs each
Only five birds survive,
Six men
with Seven guns
Decided to go
Eight people were fed
Nine people were angry
it’ll be another Ten thousand years before we can agree.
On how the world works
But don’t worry
You can still be you.
I can still be me
That is the beauty of


A Letter To Someone I Use to Know

I don’t know why this still continues to be an issue for me. Maybe it’s because in a way I feel like I let Nana down yet again and that on some level will always eat me alive inside. Even after everything you did not just in 2015, or what you refer to as the Chara crap, but everything before that. When are you going to realise you don’t carry all the blame for all those past failures at friendships but you should take at least 50% of the blame like a decent human being and apologise for turning my life upside down for the better part of a year, which I assume you have no remorse for.
Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the way things turned out because I have achieved my dream of becoming a Mom to a healthy beautiful baby girl, which I believe wouldn’t have happened if you were in my life my bond with you made me question my love for Dave. Let me explain my reason for saying this before you go around telling everyone I blame you for everything because I don’t, not anymore. What I mean is the general rule of thumb is your true friends know what’s good for you so I constantly was questioning whether he was right for me because I thought you actually gave a flying fuck about me.  I finally realised after being homeless for five months; you will go to any low once you realise you don’t have complete control over a situation anymore you used the only thing you could which was to kick me out.
You know deep down inside as much as we are opposites I would have taken a bullet for you but could you say the same. No, you couldn’t because you would find some other poor sucker to do your bidding, which you did but good thing for you is this gentleman is like a loyal but terribly abused dog, no matter how much you beat him all he wants is your love and affection so he keeps coming back for more and I’m not talking about Qui-Gon, he is just some poor old sap who believes your convincing lies, like i once did, in case he is reading this along with you. I’m talking about Mr Wonderful.
Now I hope I can finally put this shit to bed once and for all.